William Blake – Cause of Death, Age of Death, and Other Facts!

William Blake died at age 69, respectable. Check out the death cause, death date, and more facts about the circumstances surrounding philosopher William Blake's death.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Romantic-period English philosopher, poet, and illustrator. He influenced the visual arts of the Romantic Age.

He belonged to a family of Dissenters, who were believed to have attended a Moravian Church. The Bible influenced much of his early life.

He was not widely known during his lifetime, but after his death, he became regarded as one of the greatest thinkers of the age.

How did William Blake die?

William Blake's death was caused by pulmonary edema.

Information about the death of William Blake
Cause of deathPulmonary Edema
Age of death69 years
BirthdayNovember 28, 1757
Death dateAugust 12, 1827
Place of deathLondon, United Kingdom
Place of burialN/A


"That the Jews assumed a right exclusively to the benefits of God will be a lasting witness against them and the same will it be against Christians."

William BlakeWilliam Blake Philosopher

"For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life."

William BlakeWilliam Blake Philosopher

"Prudence is a rich, ugly, old maid courted by incapacity."

William BlakeWilliam Blake Philosopher

"Do what you will, this world's a fiction and is made up of contradiction."

William BlakeWilliam Blake Philosopher

"The difference between a bad artist and a good one is: the bad artist seems to copy a great deal; the good one really does."

William BlakeWilliam Blake Philosopher