Peter Cooper’s Death – Age, Place, Cause, and More!

Peter Cooper died at age 92, astounding. Check out the death cause, death date, and more facts about the circumstances surrounding politician Peter Cooper's death.

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American industrialist, inventor and philanthropist who built the first steam locomotive in the United States. He was also a candidate for the US Presidency in 1876 for the Greenback Party.

He worked many jobs as a young man, including cabinet-making, hat-making, and brewing.

He became the oldest person ever to receive a presidential nomination at the age of eighty-five.

How did Peter Cooper die?

Peter Cooper's death was caused by pancreatic cancer.

Nashville, Tenn. (AP) — Country music journalist and Grammy-nominated musician Peter Cooper has died. He was 52. A statement from his family said Cooper died Tuesday night after suffering a severe head injury last week.

Information about the death of Peter Cooper
Cause of deathPancreatic Cancer
Age of death92 years
BirthdayFebruary 12, 1791
Death dateApril 4, 1883
Place of deathNew York, New York, United States
Place of burialThe Green-Wood Cemetery, New York, United States


"A true history of human events would show that a far larger proportion of our acts are the result of sudden impulse and accident than of that reason of which we so much boast."

Peter CooperPeter Cooper

"I have always recognized that the object of business is to make money in an honorable manner. I have endeavored to remember that the object of life is to do good."

Peter CooperPeter Cooper