Howard Carter – Cause of Death, Age of Death, and Other Facts!

Howard Carter died at age 64, respectable. Check out the death cause, death date, and more facts about the circumstances surrounding archeologist Howard Carter's death.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Archeologist whose discovery of the tomb of 14th-century BC pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1923 made him famous around the world. He was the first chief inspector of the Egyptian Antiquities Service.

He worked in several uncovered tombs and made his way to Chief Inspector of the Egyptian Antiquities Service.

His death at a late age is a strong argument against the supposed curse of the pharaohs, an alleged curse believed by some to be cast upon any person who disturbs the mummy of an Ancient Egyptian person, especially a pharaoh.

How did Howard Carter die?

Howard Carter's death was caused by hodgkin's disease.

Information about the death of Howard Carter
Cause of deathHodgkin's disease
Age of death64 years
BirthdayMay 9, 1874
Death dateMarch 2, 1939
Place of deathKensington, London, United Kingdom
Place of burialN/A


"Commenced operations in the Valley of the Kings."

Howard CarterHoward Carter Archeologist

"They were of many types of seals, all bearing the insignia of the King."

Howard CarterHoward Carter Archeologist

"We were totally unprepared for such a large quantity of visitors, and in view of the preservation of the antiquities they being very crowded and in poor preservation, we were obliged to refuse admission until some preparation was made to safeguard the objects."

Howard CarterHoward Carter Archeologist

"All we have to do is to peel the shrines like an onion, and we will be with the king himself."

Howard CarterHoward Carter Archeologist

"It was a sight surpassing all precedent, and one we never dreamed of seeing."

Howard CarterHoward Carter Archeologist