Fritz Pfeffer’s Death – Age, Place, Cause, and More!

Fritz Pfeffer died at age 55, not too shabby. Check out the death cause, death date, and more facts about the circumstances surrounding dentist Fritz Pfeffer's death.

Biography - A Short Wiki

German dentist famous for hiding Anne Frank during during the Nazi Occupation of the Netherlands. He is referred to as Albert Dussel in her famous diary.

He became a licensed dentist in 1911.

He was killed at the Neuengamme concentration camp in Northern Germany.

How did Fritz Pfeffer die?

Fritz Pfeffer's death was caused by enterocolitis.

According to the camp records, Fritz Pfeffer died on 20 December 1944; the cause of death listed was ‘enterocolitis’, a gastrointestinal infection.

Information about the death of Fritz Pfeffer
Cause of deathEnterocolitis
Age of death55 years
BirthdayApril 30, 1889
Death dateDecember 20, 1944
Place of deathNeuengamme concentration camp, Germany
Place of burialN/A