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Charles Durning – How Did the Actor Die?

Charles Durning died at age 89, impressive. Check out the death cause, death date, and more facts about the circumstances surrounding actor Charles Durning's death.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Charles Durning was an actor who had over 200 credits in movies, television shows, and plays. Charles Durning had a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death. He is best known for his performances in such films as “Dog Day Afternoon,” “The Sting,” “Tootsie,” “Dick Tracy,” “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” and “To Be or Not to Be,” the latter two of which earned him Academy Award nominations. Before acting, Durning served in World War II.

How did Charles Durning die?

Charles Durning's death was caused by natural causes.

Information about the death of Charles Durning
Cause of deathNatural Causes
Age of death89 years
ProfessionActor, Dancer, Soldier, Teacher, Voice Actor
BirthdayFebruary 28, 1923
Death dateDecember 24, 2012
Place of deathManhattan, New York, United States
Place of burialArlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, United States


"I lack confidence as an actor."

Charles DurningCharles Durning

"Of course, I'm not often the top dog, but sometimes it's better not to be top dog, because you last longer. If a movie or play flops, you always blame the lead. They say, 'He couldn't carry it.' They always blame him. But they rarely blame the second or third banana."

Charles DurningCharles Durning

"Acting is ephemeral. You can't hang it on a wall. You can't throw it off. And you can't bring it out of a closet. It's there one night and it's gone the next, at least with stage acting anyhow."

Charles DurningCharles Durning

"I'd like to have a decade of my life back. I dropped into a void for almost a decade."

Charles DurningCharles Durning

"There are many secrets in us, in the depths of our souls, that we don't want anyone to know about."

Charles DurningCharles Durning