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Alan Bates – Cause of Death, Date of Death, and More!

Alan Bates died at age 69, respectable. Check out the death cause, death date, and more facts about the circumstances surrounding movie actor Alan Bates' death.

Biography - A Short Wiki

British actor who debuted in the 1964 classic film, Zorba the Greek. He appeared in Spartacus in 2004 and Hamlet in 1990.

He served in the Royal Air Force and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

He appeared in Women in Love with Oliver Reed and Glenda Jackson.

How did Alan Bates die?

Alan Bates' death was caused by cancer.

He had been suffering from cancer of the liver and died at a London clinic on Saturday night. Sir Alan, one of the most versatile and explosive actors of his generation, came to prominence in 1956 after his performance in John Osborne’s landmark play Look Back in Anger.

Information about the death of Alan Bates
Cause of deathCancer
Age of death69 years
ProfessionMovie Actor
BirthdayFebruary 17, 1934
Death dateDecember 27, 2003
Place of deathWestminster, London, United Kingdom
Place of burialAll Saints' Church, Bradbourne, United Kingdom


"An emotional performance is usually more instinctive to an actor."

Alan BatesAlan Bates Movie Actor

"You've got to have steel in you somewhere."

Alan BatesAlan Bates Movie Actor

"People ask, how do you cope, and all I can say is that you do."

Alan BatesAlan Bates Movie Actor

"You can't always go by the book, even in comedy."

Alan BatesAlan Bates Movie Actor

"Occasionally I do things against my inner voice, but you really should go for the thing that touches you most-even if you don't quite know why it does."

Alan BatesAlan Bates Movie Actor